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Picture I took of French Foreign Legion is when you scroll down this page.

I interview homeless people,letting them use some cell time to "call home". Interesting stories result. My goal is to get them to reconnect and maybe go home. It's obvious they look less dejected after someone shows an interest in them. At first they may not be friendly and trusting with their hard life experience and of course some have forms of disability, not all.



Here is the introduction page to the 45 nation Mensa e mail group begun to promote international understanding of cultures. Other information follows.

Welcome.  We're 185  Mensans from 45 countries.

We're here for respectful, intelligent discussions. We try to listen to one another, to understand the other person's perspective, which of course is often another culture, all the more challenging.

Dan Wilterding, says it best:

I think of us as a smorgasbord. We are subtle flavors with surprising after tastes; we are textures and combinations seldom seen. In us, you will find that hamburgers mix well with fine wine.

We are this smorgasbord, with variety and depth to suit all tastes and desires, requiring only the effort of going to the table in order to partake, and by partaking becoming part of the feast.

Organized after a meeting of German Mensa in Bavaria

by Neal Vonada, Seattle  April 2002

Honorary Chairman  is

Dr. Michal Hachulski, Warsaw, former chairman of Poland's Mensa.


  Velma Jerimian, Mensa Hall of Fame


Management back up------

**   Celeste Rogers, Sandwich Isles

*    Darrell King, Rochester, N.Y.

  • Ismail Omar, Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia
  • Mark Lee, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Roland Schreiner, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Winthrop Yu, Chariman Mensa Phillippines.
  •  Sander Rubin, former Chairman American Mensa      

    Katie, writing from a motorhome in the U.S., said, "There is something universally cognitive going on here. I get vibes.

     What's New

    This is from the November 2005 International Mensa bulletin to 100 countries, but without the pictures or graphics. Edited to  downsize.

    Honorary 4 star General, Wa. State.

    (non military)  also International
    Goodwill Ambassador. (per state senate bill, 2005)

    In 1972  Neal Vonada  was named one of the first honorary
    Washington (State) Generals by then Lt.
    Governor John Cherberg, initiating
    a new program that has increased annually to
    recognize valuable contributions of Washington
    residents. (In 2005 promoted to four stars)

    Current Lt Governor, Brad Owens explains:
    “Washington Generals are a select group of
    individuals dedicated to betterment of the state by
    promoting good citizenship, tourism, and
    economic growth. Some will now serve as trade
    and goodwill ambassadors and can be
    instrumental in developing a progressive
    international trade agenda. The award is a long recognized
    tradition, but there has been a need to
    make it more meaningful by establishing
    consistent criteria and recognizing the
    Washington Generals in state law. I was happy to
    help make this happen during the 2005 legislative

    Neal is on standby to  the Board of Directors along
    with eleven other Generals. A few heads of
    state of other countries are also honorary

    Snipped copy for redundancy.