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Amazon, heart of Brazil

Each page has clock above. Just "musing". Do you ever muse? In this scene after dark, thousands of "tree frogs" make a tremendous amount of noise. The humidity is incredible. These birds live as long as many humans do. On page two of this web site are some South American pictures.

There are butterflies as wide as your spread out hand, along the Amazon.  They cover the jungle floor where you walk. Some areas the mosquitoes are huge and natives live in stilted houses. The river can rise 20 feet in season.

Trees are being cut everywhere. Countless tributaries are navigated by dugout canoe with outboard motors.  From the air, the ground looks like bunches of califlower with muddy, muddy rivers seperating the "califlower" into various patterns. There is an exception, called "Rio Negra" which is black and colder. It merges with the Amazon near Manuaus in central Brazil and the black colder water flows miles beside the muddy Amazon in a definite
flow of its own, until the temperatures merge miles later. The "meeting of the waters," it is called. I will try to find some more pictures to post.

My dugout canoe guide had chunks missing from his paddle hand that were eaten by piranhas.



"When an old man dies, a library burns".
Rows of books represent the persons who wrote them, their words ARE them,the sum of their life experience.

Life became easier when I learned all I needed to do was see things from the viewpoint of others and accept them unconditionally as fellow humans.

You may look back to TODAY and think of the song "those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end". When those days end,you can still decide how to meet each new day. Today can actually be one of your "good old days", are you going to enjoy it?

Nothing is a blessing if you are not aware. That's why I quote others here about the importance of your attitude.

Here is the link to a new book about financial success via how you communicate. 2006, I am listed as a contributor. Neal

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