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This bandido comes here for marshmallows. Racoons know who is friendly.

2006 Toastmaster conference.

SS Prince George begins last day, Ketchikan, Alaska

Weekend sailors over bird house roof.

Outbound taking our sun with?

Bon voyage. Cruise liners headed out together.

Mt. Rainier. 14,415 ft, inactive volcano, flood threat too.

Ships passind, Channel is 6 miles wide.

Positive roses 10 ft, above ground, seeking sun.

Thank you

Thought provoking. A second (double) rainbow is just fading away.

Days ending. Seattle

This ship is the M V Ocean Explorer

Zepplin. (as a chlld I saw Germany's Graf Zepplin over Detroit.)

Ferry on sea trails 250 feet below my window.

Another day going away.

Bridge near home.

Someone is having fun.

I lived in house for six months in childhood, otherwise small apartments.

Seattle, boating capital and port city, I'm in large tree patch lower left. Foothills of mountains show at top.

From top to bottom, Mr Rainier in Washington, Mt Adams, then below in Oregon is Mt St. Helens.

"Stubby" in the foreground is Mt St Helens. I was with a group in the mountains a good 180 miles away and heard it blow up. I was the only one who guessed what the noise was. A Church far away was having a service about "doomsday" and when they came out, it was dark and ash all over the ground. 1980, Mt. Rainier in distance,14,415 feet.

A passenger ship in Seattle

Carrier John C. Stennis going out.

Coast guard ice breaker, above.

First day of Spring. Unusual Seattle wheatehr, about 2003

English retro style van. New about 2001